Helen E. Herr

Helen HerrCreating sacred space is Helen鈥檚 goal as she moves through stages in her life: wife to grandmother, piano teacher to clergy, poet to painter and sculptor. A spiritual focus overflows from these life experiences. Abstraction in her soapstone sculptures express the freedom she enjoys retired in Saskatchewan.

Helen鈥檚 abstract and semi-abstract carvings express the personality of each stone, enhance the stone鈥檚 natural colouration, and expand the viewers鈥 imagination. All her designs illustrate the spirit of hope.

Helen continually expands her artistic horizons as she views galleries, attends workshops and participates in juried competitions. She completed her studies through , the University of Saskatchewan Certificate and Design program, in 2015 with a major in soapstone carving. Her mentor is Les Potter.

Her sculptures have been exhibited at the following: , Saskatoon; Langenburg competition; Watrous and Area show; ; , Watrous; Members Show and Sale, Saskatoon; , Saskatoon; and various locations in Watrous, SK.


Twisted Stone
Email: helenherr@sasktel.net
Address: Box 1252, Watrous, SK SOK 4TO
Phone: 306.946.2361