Want to sell your work at WinterGreen Fine Craft Market?


All marketers at s10总决赛下注 markets must be juried members of the Saskatchewan Craft Council.

Saskatchewan Craft Council markets are organized in order to foster an environment where excellence in craft is nurtured, recognized, and valued. All members who wish to participate in s10总决赛下注 markets must participate in our jury process. For information on becoming a member of the s10总决赛下注, please visit our Applications page.

The s10总决赛下注 holds an annual jury session each year in April, as well as interim sessions throughout the year. For more information on the jurying process, to view the product eligibility criteria, and media-specific criteria, visit the Jurying Process and Criteria page.

The exception to the jury process is the Emerging Artist Market Experience Program. This program is for artists in the first five years of their career. There is a selection process, but the formal jury process is bypassed in order to introduce potential marketing members to s10总决赛下注 markets.

Please note: all marketers must abide by the聽s10总决赛下注 Market Policy.


For more information about s10总决赛下注 markets, membership, and jurying, please contact:

Alexa Hainsworth
Member Services Coordinator
306-653-3616 ext. 1